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How to wear tweed: from office to weekend with ease

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Anya Merryfield

The word tweed may bring to mind Chanel suits replete with pearls and monogram buttons or the swinging sixties, with flashes of smudgy black lining. When taylor thinks of tweed, it is classic, stylish and easy to wear.

Tweed exudes classic style with the very warp and weft of its fibres, informed by a past that is part history and part love affair.

Traditionally handcrafted, tweed was long relegated to the wardrobes of the upper-crust, with inherited tweeds bestowed with family names clothing the landed gentry of the British social elite. The beautifully detailed fabric also clothed some of our favourite literary characters, from the toad from toad hall right through to Sherlock Holmes.

The joy of this fabric is in the interplay between modern innovation, and classic, timeless appeal. Tweed long associated with the classic cuts of Edwardian English riding wardrobe, is unexpectedly frivolous (yet stylish) cut into a form fitting dress, or finished with a flash of lace, and it this idea that we delved into when styling our tweed looks today.

We all know that tweed makes a fantastic suit, but the classic fabric makes it easy to take risks whilst still looking understatedly chic. Break up your tweed suit into separates to pair with swathes of silk or textured tops. Layer with sweat shirting, or a heel or add a splash of silk always remembering that the best love affairs are like your tweed basics dependable from day to day bur can also be shaken up for a splash of fun!

All in interval
An unexpected dress in tweed and silk, layer up for work, or wear in the weekend with flashes of white, grey and beige.

Interval Dress in grid tweed, Destination Jacket in white pixel, Dot boots in grey

Reflect it all
Add even more texture to this artful silhouette with the Conditional Top.

Reflect Jacket in fleck tweed, Factor Skirt in fleck tweed, Conditional Top in black pixel

Always Fluide
A tweed shirt offers a great basic that can be worn to work or truly explored for versatile and stylish weekend options.

Fluide Short in grid tweed, Location Shirt, Bisector sweater in grey marle

The dress with many faces : The Inverse Dress

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Anya Merryfield

Everyone loves a double threat, a singer that can capture your heart on the silver screen, a blush that can be a lipstick or a dress that can look like one dress one minute… and another the next.

Summer brings out the desire to make more out of your wardrobe. As we all shirk our work-day-to-day skins for a holiday somewhere beachy and warm. Small baggage allowances (or a baggage allowance spent mostly on the kids clothes!) demands a wardrobe that can move from the beach to the bach to perhaps an evening out at the local eatery.

Amongst the packing list is the familiar, a gauzy oversized shirt or kaftan, a pair of pretty yet practical flats, a classic sneaker, skorts or shorts and of course, the new in-store Inverse dress.

It is true, the Inverse will keep your daily fashion styling fresh and fun year round, even if you are not planning pool side relaxing. In our opinion however, it is hard to not mention it as a travel wear essential when it can transform so easily from one look to the next.

Cut from 100% silk, the Inverse Dress features a detachable one-sided panel on both the front and back. You can tie this panel over the shoulder for a floaty, draped feel or undone to reveal a modern contrasting panelled look. This versatility also allows you to choose your own colourways, a grey dress with a flash of black, or a black dress with a flash of grey. A little azure number to pair with a white shoe, or a more classic navy dress.


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Cream of the Crop

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Bruna Pastuk

You must have already noticed that this summer we are playing with proportions. We are loving to mix and match our beloved long pieces with crop tops and pants (yes, shorts included!).

The Bisector Sweater is the perfect match to the Millibar Tunic, the Collinear Top or the Equality Tunic. Keep in mind that when layering with a crop top, the inner layer should be a lot longer to create dramatic contrasts.

The Cuffed Discord Pant is definitely one of the most sophisticated pieces from this season’s collection. It is sharp, modern, and amazing by itself. When styling, keep it simple to avoid overworking your look.

Finally, the Fluide Shorts are back in Grid Tweed. But you don’t need to wait to high summer to start wearing shorts. Both the Fluide and the Attuned Shorts look beautiful when styled over black stockings and boots.

1. Equality Tunic 2. Taylor Slip 3. Bisector Sweater 4. Turn Earrings by Artikel 5. Georg T Bike Boot in Grey by TN29

1. Muse Oversized Clutch by Vic Matie 2. Discord Pant 3. Conditional Top 4. Lou Lace up in Black Pony by TN29


1. Fluide Short 2. Bound Top 3. Taylor Cami 4. Fraction Belt 5. Dot Boot in Black Calf by TN29


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Five Fashion Shows that Changed the Fashion World

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Anya Merryfield

As the taylor team ready ourselves for our NZ Fashion Weekend show on the 30th of August, we cannot help but think of the fashion shows which shaped the industry as a whole. From the Dali inspired designs of the 30s to the swinging 60s, we look to the past to inform the future…

Elsa Schiaparelli - 1929

The 30s may be known as a sombre time to most with widespread economic depression and an embracing of the temperance movement. This made it the perfect opportunity for an escape from it all via the new invention of the Hermes Silk Scarf or a shoe shaped hat. Elsa was known for the latter, having shot to fame after her 1929 debut show that had critics label her as “one of the rare innovators of the day’. A friend of surrealist Salvador Dali, Elsa used theatrical design elements in her outfits, making her the perfect piece of escapism for a battle worn public.

Pictured: Elsa and her signature attention grabbing hats


Christian Dior - 1947

The debut collection of Christian Dior, not only broke fashion rules but informed new rules that reign supreme even today. Epitomising the look of the 50s’ it was Dior who accentuated full busts, wasp waists and the joy of a full skirt. A celebration of the hourglass, the collection had influential Harpers Bazaar Editor Carmel Snow exclaim ‘ This is the new look!’.

Pictured: A Christian Dior ‘New Look’ outfit

‘The Return’ of Coco Chanel -1954

The war had closed Chanel’s salons however there was life in the brand yet. Aged over 70, Chanel staged a comeback in February of 1954 with a collection of entirely new ideas, still in use by the fashion house today. From her famous braided suit and use of sleek tweeds through to quilted bags on chains, boaters and monogrammed buttons.

Pictured: The inventive Coco Chanel


Mary Quant – 1960

She coined the name Mini Skirt and the use of Harlequin prints, but her 1960 London based show was a shaping moment in fashion history for its location alone. The 60s saw a step away from France as the epicenter of fashion, with the rise of London based designers like Biba and Quant and the birth of fashion as truly international. This step would pave the way for British houses like Burberry and the rise of the American designer.

Pictured: Mary Quant and her designs

Ann Demeulemeester – 1991

It was her first collection in 1991 that shaped not only her career but the path of a handful of designers affectionately labelled ‘The Antwerp Six’. A collection of contrasts, the designs were understated and intelligent offering an antidote to the flashy concoctions of other designers of the time. Most importantly each garment carried a sort of quiet confidence, which appealed to women who much like the taylor customer, dress for themselves!

Pictured: Signature Ann Demeulemeester


Experience a fashion show for yourself at the taylor fashion show as part of NZ Fashion Weekend click here to read all about the event, including how to buy tickets to see the taylor show!

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Experience taylor at NZ Fashion Weekend

Posted on August 20, 2014 by Lydia Brewer

In case you haven't already heard, it's New Zealand Fashion Week next week, and taylor is very excited to be part of a show at New Zealand Fashion Weekend, on Saturday 30 August. 

This is the first time we're showcasing our summer 2014/15 collection to the public. The collection has already been hugely popular so we do encourage you to come down and check it out! 

Tickets can be purchased here, and we also invite you to come down to Britomart to have a glass of champagne and some canapés with the taylor team after the show. Our friends at Ostro have very kindly put on an after party for us on the city terrace from 4pm. 

If you'd like to attend the after party, please RSVP to marketing@taylorboutique.co.nz. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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The guide to your new classic jacket : The Notion Jacket

Posted on August 20, 2014 by Emma Williams

The effortless style of the Notion Jacket transitions easily from crisp office wear to weekend chic. The Notion Jacket features three buttons on the front and two front pockets, a contrast collar detail and rests just on the hip. 100% cotton and fully lined, this is a timeless piece that you will enjoy wearing time and again.

The Notion Jacket is incredibly versatile, working as a relaxed suit when paired with the Underline Pant or alone over dresses, shorts or tunics. 


[1] For an effortless office look I have chosen the Alternate Dress, a classically inspired structural cotton dress. The new Plate Belt adds a little bit of lux that peeks out from behind the beautifully tailored Notion Jacket. You need nothing else.


[2] If you like tailored shorts then you can't go past the Fluide Short in 100% cotton fabric for some urban chic. These look amazing worn with the Millibar Tunic under the new charcoal Fantail top which creates depth and texture. Add the Notion Jacket and you have a look that will take you from day to night.


[3] The Notion Jacket can be worn over a dressier item like the Associate Tunic to create a more informal look. The soft and silky Associate Tunic can be buttoned up in different ways to create alternating lengths and drapery. A garment for the true creative dresser, the Associate Tunic can be worn in a multitude of ways and is a flattering fit for any body shape. This is one of my personal favourites.


[4] For everyday cool start with the Outcome Pants and roll the bottoms up. Then start your base off with an Essential Cami, then the Collinear Top followed by the Axis Tunic tied softly and low to the side. The Notion Jacket finishes off this edgy layered look.

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The taylor guide to Wellington : From outwear tips to delightful bites

Posted on August 20, 2014 by Anya Merryfield

Every taylor boutique has a common thread, a dedication to effortless style and quality. But each boutique is informed by the city that we serve, and this week we would love to feature the things that are exciting us right now, about the beautiful city of Wellington.

From our favourite little cafes, to the events that make the city sparkle – we love Wellington and the women that call this city home. This week we are featuring our top five Wellington tidbits, in this taylor guide to Wellington, inspired by the much loved Laura returning to the helm of our Old Bank Arcade boutique for one glorious week!

taylor tidbit 1: The outerwear secret
We have already waxed lyrical about our love for a gale, so it is no surprise we sympathise with the Wellington approach to outerwear. You may spend time perfecting your look, only to have the day descend to grey and your luscious layering concealed under your boring black duffle. With a hint of shine and beautiful shape, the Apparition Coat is the perfect antidote for cool weather layering, promising a splash of outerwear as beautiful as the layers that it conceals underneath.

taylor tidbit 2: Be WOWed!

One of the most exciting nights on our calendar is approaching, the World of Wearable Arts Awards! This year taylor designer, Vicki Taylor is a judge, and although she is sworn to secrecy as to what she has seen, we get the feeling it is all rather spectacular. Along with the event itself, the city is becoming part of the WOW performance, with Shaolin Kung Fu monks taking over the city through September and October, find out more by clicking here.

taylor tidbit 3: Delightful Bites

Foodies will find plenty to be excited about from our capital city, from the vintage charm of Marthas Pantry to the French inspired luxury of Hipopotamus. Visitors to the city before the end of August will find the Visa Wellington on a Plate festival more than a little exciting, with 100 of the regions best restaurants offering dinner deals and special menus. For those unable to visit, be sure to import in a little Wellington cuisine through The Mediterranean Food Warehouse, or my personal favourite a bottle of Banana Vinegar from La Boca Loca.

taylor tidbit 4: A dose of the wild
An eco-sanctuary mere minutes from the city, Zealandia offers a great escape from the bustle of city of life, or a little something touristy with a difference. Fabulous for adults, or the younger ones in your life, the 225ha is home to some of New Zealands most rare and extraordinary wildlife, in a world first protected sanctuary valley. Zealandia offer a night tour, or you can take in the picturesque sights by daylight.

taylor tidbit 5: A tipple, a jolt and a bubbly sip

No Wellington list would be complete without a mention of cocktails, coffee or quirk! Local heroes Fidels always offer a consistent cup, whilst customs brew bar serve Supreme - from single origins to blends. If you like your coffee with a dose of the dramatic, choose a stormy day and head up to Maranui for a great cup of coffee whilst you watch the weather roll in. For those in search of something sweet and bubbly you cannot go past Six Barrel Soda Company whilst the fine wine flows at Floriditas, the beer at Haishigo Zake and the cocktails at Havana!

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