Part of what defines taylor is our passion for local design and manufacture: based in Eden Terrace, Auckland, we are proudly designed and made in New Zealand.

Allow us to invite you behind the scenes for a peek of our daily life… from our inspiring team of designers, to the talented machinists, finishers and pressers – all working their magic to bring our collections to life.

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Concept, and European fabric sourcing feed into the design development process for Vicki and her design room team. Sketches, inspiration images and research all culminate in a range that will be brought to life through a series of phases, by a series of hands.

Patternmaker, designers and model come together for fitting sessions, ensuring a perfect cut. Machinists, graders, cutters and pressers – not to mention our own workroom team – all play their part in the exhaustive process of producing garments of superb quality. Let us walk you through...

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Quality fabrication is paramount to taylor design, we therefore source most of our fabrications from leading mills across Italy and Japan. In securing international fabrics we ensure the exclusivity of our distinctive textiles, and with limited quantites available we make small runs of each style.

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Our Patternmaker is the draughtsperson who brings our illustrations to life, crafting shapes from traditional card. Two-dimensional drawings are transformed into three-dimensional garments, another step closer to becoming treasured pieces in our wardrobes and yours.

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With sample machinists just a short drive from our design room, we enjoy the assurance of producing an ethical product. In building warm, long-standing relationships with these local out-workers we can visit easily to look over our garments for quality control, or simply a cup of tea. 

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With sampling complete, production can commence! The cutter is first in line, preparing those carefully selected fabrics for their evolution into real garments. If you are ever able to watch a cutter rolling the sharpest blade through a fabric lay with both speed and precision, you will understand the true talent and accuracy involved.

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Our makers are very skilled, and super fast at what they do - each specialising in different types of garment manufacture. We are proud to say many of our machinists and supporting companies have worked with us for the 19 years we have been in business!

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It takes many hours and many hands to put one taylor garment together; once it is thoughtfully designed and beautifully created, it is finally pressed to the highest quality. By purchasing just one of our taylor garments, you help keep 5-6 companies in business & their workers employed in our very own country. 

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We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with luxurious garments that you can trust to last a lifetime. Our team (quite literally) looks over each garment with a fine-tooth comb so we can rest easy in the knowledge that you are receiving the best. 

We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into the community behind taylor, where a sketch evolves over time into a beautiful garment to be treasured for many years to come. Hopefully you have gained an insight into why we love manufacturing locally, and why we are so committed to supporting our fabulous fashion industry in New Zealand!


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