Second Skin Essential Layering

We carry an extensive amount of mesh and non-mesh layering pieces that are designed to fit under any taylor garment. Layering mesh and contrasting fabrics gives the ability of added warmth without hiding your beautiful new tops and tunics! 

The additional layer of mesh also adds an element of contrast and interest when paired with other taylor pieces. These essential taylor garments make it easy to layer and add detail to any outfit resulting in effortless style. Our girls in store and online show how easy it is to work in a mesh layering piece under any garment. With the option of our Undone Tunic, Silk Mesh Camber Tunic or Panelled Camber Tunic to choose from, see how Georgia and Bella have styled them and click the images to shop!

Georgia 1

Our Wellington Manager Georgia wears the Undone Tunic in Abstract Mesh layered with the ivory Series Bodice finished with the Velocity Jacket. With a lower neck line the Undone Tunic lifts the focus of the outfit up the neck as well as contributing contrasting fabrics. 





Bella wears the Capsulate Vest with the Undone Tunic creating a full black look with a contrasting aspect of white with light Principal Pants. 




Georgia 2

Georgia wears the MM6 Yeti Top in Camel over the Undone Abstract Mesh Tunic. The mesh layer adds further fun to the MM6 Yeti Top, and lengthens the look by extending the top down the arms and further down the torso.