Michelle Vogt

Michelle has been one of our clients since we first opened and we have long been inspired by the way she styles our garments. We took the opportunity to catch up with her recently and find out why she is such a loyal taylor fan. Michelle wears all taylor with beautiful make-up by our go-to make-up artist Merse from Bobbi Brown Britomart.


Michelle Vogt


How long have you been shopping at taylor?

Since they first opened in Wellington, so too long to remember…


What is your favourite taylor piece that has been in your wardrobe for years?

This is a really difficult question to answer, because without a word of a lie, there are actually so many. Maybe as a special piece, a gorgeous silk long black dress from many years ago, that still comes out every time I have a function to go to. It is fitted across my hips to give shape and just sits perfectly. It’s a definite go-to.


Can you remember your first taylor experience - either in-store or when someone commented on your outfit?

My first taylor experience blew me away. I was very used to disinterested, almost rude customer service in most stores and taylor was the opposite of that, hence my on-going love of the brand. The comments from people asking where I bought certain pieces are endless, and I get asked everywhere I travel as well, not just locally.


Michelle Vogt


What draws you to the taylor aesthetic?

No matter what mood I am in, I can pick out an outfit that makes me feel great about going to do whatever needs to be done. taylor pieces are functional for me, but so feminine and beautiful. 


What keeps bringing you back to taylor?

The ease of pieces working together, no matter what collection they originate from and the fact that after a decade of wear, they still look amazing.


How would you define your personal style?

Feminine but always comfortable.

Michelle Vogt


What has been your greatest career success?

My own greatest success was a software company in Sydney when I was in my 20’s. It was my first foray into business and I was completely clueless. However, after a huge learning curve, the company was bought by a large corporate which was a massive achievement.


What has been one of your most memorable nights out?

We had an amazing night at a rooftop bar in New York a couple of years back, that was full of ‘next level’ most beautiful people to watch – I could have sat and stared all night.


What is your favourite watering hole/café/restaurant in Auckland or New Zealand? 

I love anywhere in the Ponsonby/Herne Bay areas for eating and socialising, there are literally too many to choose!


Michelle Vogt


How do you unwind on weekends?

I love to sit with a great book. In Summer, it is by the pool. In Winter, snuggled under a blanket.


What are you passionate about?

Family and friends.


Do you follow any self-care practices?

I exercise pretty much every day, I find it clears my head and allows new ideas to emerge. I also realise as I get older that I really need to take time out for myself to recharge.


What taylor piece do you wear the most?

Without any doubt, my Integral Pants – any colour or fabric, so long as they are Integrals!


integral pant

taylor Single Patch Pocket Integral Pants.             


Summer is just around the corner, what will we find you wearing?

I love shorts and ankle boots and the amazing array of strappy detail on tops and dresses at the moment, also the asymmetrical fits that are so interesting.


What are your favourite pieces from our SS18 collection? What drew you to these?

I am loving the citrone colour and also the crushed pieces. The citrone adds a pop of colour to my standard black and suits my complexion. The crushed collection looks so cool in the humidity that is Auckland.


Michelle Vogt

From left to right: Split Sector Tank, Avenue Dress, Squared Stadium Shirt.


Crushed Styles

Left: Cascade Tunic + Diverse Parted Pant. Right: Washed Accordance Blazer, Cascade Tunic + Washed Relief Pant.