Event Dressing

 Party season is upon us! Whether it’s a work event or a night out, putting together an event look can be an event in itself. To take some of the stress out of this hectic season, we’ve put together six taylor looks that are sure to leave a lasting impression, complete with the perfect accessories! 


Event Dressing 1

Look 1: Infinite Dress, Extension Slip, Flat Stud and Strip Earring by Hayley Inder, Python Print Wallet by MM6, Pumps by Flat Apartment.


Event Dressing 2

Look 2: Compilation Top, Banded Resolve Pant, Continuation Jacket,Chaotic Necklace by Innan, Yeti Clutch by MM6, Shell Ankle Boot by Vic Matie.


Event Dressing 3

Look 3: Modified Top, Extension Tank, Pipe Pants, Manui Steel Heel Ankle Boot by Cinzia Araia, Cariti Mignon Bag by Daniele Basta, Kowhai Drop Earring by Hayley Inder, Spacer Ring by IGWT.


Event Dressing 4

Look 4: Collation Dress, Glass Bead Bracelets by Nikki B, Cropped Integral Pant, Astro Platform Boots by Vic Matie, Origami Pouch by Issey Miyake.


Event Dressing 5

Look 5: Obtained Dress, Undone Tunic, Sequence Jacket, Rotate Bag, Chaotic Silver Ring by Innan, Reflect Court by MM6.


Look 6

Look 6: Render Dress, taylor Slip, Hula Clutch by MM6, Ginger Ankle Boot by Tracey Neuls, Regular Half Circles Bracelet by The Medley Institute.